Trusting the Process?

Longs Lines are stressful, am I right!

Just Waiting For Some Kush

Doesn't matter where you are, whether you're at the store getting gifts or at the dispensary getting your cannabis. This added stress into your life can have so many negative effects on your life and you don't deserve that. Especially at the place where you're purchasing a good, cannabis, that is supposed to relieve your stress. The typical dispensary, from what I've seen, have large menus that could be overwhelming to a new consumer or someone who wants a strain for a specific reason. You have an opportunity to look at this menu while you wait on an abnormally long line just to talk to a budtender. If you are unsure at this point what you want when you get to the counter, your cannabis experience is in the hands of the budtender in front of you. We know they are there to help you, but everyone has some bias when it comes to certain cannabis strains. We all have favorites. But we find that unfair!

Don't Just Trust The Process!

You should be in control of your cannabis experience!

Everyone has their own wants and needs and they should be in a pressure-less environment when choosing a strain for them. That's where we come in! The ability to have technology work for you and organize your thoughts in a way that is simple, quick, and fun!

Our patient patent technology, My Perfect Strain, allows individuals to match with cannabis strains tailored towards their wants and needs. Helping them diversify their selection from recreational use to medical use. We want help them from strain to finish while educating them on the other effects the strain might provide. We believe this will contribute greatly to the consumers experience as they will be able to use strains for specific activities as well as find flavors they might enjoy.

It's all about the Experience!

See Below:

No Stress. No hassle. Just Perfection.

It's all about the Experience!

*On behalf of MPSolutions, I'd like to thank you for reading this and hope to have you continue following us in the future as we try to emerge into this exciting industry.*

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